What we are proud of

Pages with own STYLE

We have been concerned to create a magazine with its own style. The GENI style that characterizes us. We use the best tools and human resources to achieve it.

Innovation, style and DESIGN

Design pleasant to the senses. Easy to read, enjoyable, totally different from the Spanish magazines of the sector that we have had until now. They will also try to copy us, but at the most they will be the seconds ...

Sections with great CONTENT

We have high level collaborators. Good and interesting articles are more than insured. Forget about the "broken wands", the comments type "delighted us with his good work ...", etc.

Open to the world: ES - EN 

In GENI we have an obsession: Do not lock us in Spain. We are international. Our MAG@zine too! All articles are written in Spanish and English.

Interaction with


We take advantage of new technologies to the fullest. Focus your smartphone to QR codes and enjoy instant demo videos, links to websites or PDF files, among other surprises.

Current and VARIED themes

Magic surrounds us. It is not necessary to explain games. It is necessary to discover all the magic that is on the site, in the store, in the most unthinkable place. The topics will surprise you very pleasantly.