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You Don't Have to Be a Professional to Develope Your Magic Dream

Geni d'Or

The emblematic Festival of Magic returns to Barcelona

Teatre de la Aliança del Poble Nou -  Barcelona

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GENI Project Founders

May Closa

Xavier Tapias

GENI is a FISM member

and "FISM Partner - Organizer"

Our goal is to support magicians worldwide who wish to develope their act following  the trend of the "Nouvelle Magie" and the teachings of Eberhard Riese, Bob Fitch and Gaston Florin among others and be able to participate in International Competitions with success


GENI is the next organizing association of FISM ECM

held in Manresa from 30th to 4th July 2021

If you are a GENI member with the FISM Card, you have a discount of 80€ in your accreditation purchase

When you register online, remember to enter your FISM-GENI card number to get the € 50 discount and add the keyword: GENIFISMCARD for your supplementary € 30 loyalty prize in the "Discount coupon" box.

50€ from FISM Card + 30€ of GENI =

ATTENTION: This promotion is only valid for members with GENI FISM Card.


Twinning Associations

CMI College - Italy

United for a long Cooperation and Enthusiasm in Magic


The Presidents:

May Closa y  Andrea Baioni undertake to operate to increase friendship among members of two Academies to promote and develop the art of magic


Your Association is akin to our philosophy?

Get in touch with us and start looking for join action synergies. We are pleased to collaborate in any initiative that enhances the ART of MAGIC

MZvD - Germany

United for a long Cooperation and Enthusiasm in Magic


The Presidents:

May Closa y Eberhard Riese undertake to increase friendship among members of two Associations to promote and develop the art of magic.

Geni is more than just a Magic Club

Help us to grow, by becoming a member of this modern Club of Magic and take advantage of the benefits it offers you


We are preparing the modality video-streaming. Connect through the application "Blackboard Collaborate" and follow our classes and meetings live.

FISM Card 

All members affiliated with GENI have their FISM CARD. With it, you can get offers and discounts in the FISM ECM and FISM WCM.


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